The following list of books, DVDs, CDs, videos, newspapers, etc., are media that we can recommend to you if you are contemplating a visit to this country. We have tried to identify three books, including at least one guidebook, that we would most strongly recommend you read or at least browse before you go. If you have more time and interest you can get as deeply involved as you like. You may find some of these materials more relevant when you come back and want to get answers to questions that developed in-country. We also like to recommend various DVDs with films or documentaries that you should find educational. They will also give you a glimpse of the country before you actually arrive. Most of these items have a link to Amazon where you can purchase them if you like, but some materials are not available at Amazon (is that really possible?) and have links to other sites. We hope you find this list helpful.

Travel Guides
Best of Hong Kong, The
By Colleen Dunn Bates, Editor
Prentice Hall Trade Division, New York, N.Y., 1989

The Best of Hong Kong gives fearlessly discriminating reviews of restaurants, pubs, wine bars, and cafes; hotel descriptions that tell it like it is--or isn't; shopping bests, from antiques and fashions to jewelry and electronics; selective and critical information on bars and nightclubs; discerning commentaries on attractions and activities; and all the basic information you'll need to get around and enjoy the very best of Hong Kong. Touted as "the only guide that distinguishes the truly superlative from the merely overrated," The Best of Hong Kon includes more than 750 provocative and frank reviews of restaurants, hotels, nightspots, and shops. Top

Let's Go: Southeast Asia
By Let's Go Publications
Let's Go Publications, Cambridge, MA , 2004

Completely revised and updated, Let's Go: Southeast Asia puts forty-five years of travel savvy at your fingertips, with helpful commentary and plenty of listings to get you where you need to be. From cosmopolitan Singapore to the most remote villages of Laos, the new edition delivers expanded cultural information, plus more study and volunteering opportunities--the tools that will help you hit the road like a seasoned traveler, not just a tourist. Whether you'd rather tempt Lady Luck at a five-star casino on the Thai-Cambodian border or watch fireflies flit off into the night in Malaysia, Let's Go's intrepid researchers ensure that you're in tune with this quickly changing region. Top

National Geographic Traveler: Hong Kong
By Phil Macdonald
National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., 2002

National Geographic brings 114 years of incomparable travel expertise to today’s sophisticated globe-trotters. This practical and portable guide to Hong Kong features: in-depth site descriptions and background information;fascinating vignettes on Hong Kong's history, culture, and contemporary life; 23 detailed, full-color maps, mapped walking and driving tours; a complete directory of visitor information, including notable hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping; foldout end flaps, printed with maps and quick reference information that serve as handy bookmarks; top-rated travel writers who provide sophisticated, authoritative guidance and a strong, individual voice to each book; more than 190 vivid color photographs; and specially-commissioned artwork. Top

Time Out: Hong Kong (Time Out Guides)
By Lesley McCave, Editor
Penguin Group, U.K., 2004

Vibrant, exciting, and often overwhelming, Hong Kong offers a huge range of attractions, both urban and rural. In Time Out: Hong Kong a team of local writers highlights the best of the territory and its environs, taking in the former Portuguese enclave of Macau and the booming modern city of Guangzhou.
Time Out: Hong Kong includes chapters on restaurants, cafes, clubs, and bars--what's hot and what's not; where to blow your dough--a comprehensive selection of Hong Kong's best malls, shops, and markets; a walk on the wild side--escape the frenzy of the city by hiking, climbing, or running in the territory's under-explored country parks; modern architecture--the buildings that make up Hong Kong Island's world-famous skyline are rated and slated; and understanding local customs and culture--from feng shui to t'ai chi ...all with full details of opening times, prices, and transport. An essential travel guide. Top

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