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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The peninsula of Kowloon is a bustling mix of business and commerce. Taking a short subway ride, or the more famous Star Ferry across the harbor from Hong Kong Island, will land you in Tsim Sha Tsui (pronounced "Jim-Sha-Joy") and the real tourist center of Hong Kong. From here you can walk along the harbor for skyline views, stop at the famous Peninsula Hotel for high tea, or shop along Hong Kong's own Magnificent Mile, Nathan Road. Nathan Road is the main stretch of road on Kowloon and is home to hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and more shops and stalls than you could shake a stick at. Kowloon is where, not only tourists, but also locals come to play.

Kowloon houses many of Hong Kong's museums, including the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Museum of History. While these museums are educational, you can catch a real glimpse into Hong Kong's past by stopping by the famous Yuen Po Street Bird and Flower Market. If you prefer to shop for more material things, the Temple Street Night Market has everything you can imagine, and don't forget a stop at the Jade Market either. Finally, you can round out your night on the Avenue of the Stars to watch the nightly Symphony of Lights show where the Hong Kong skyline dances to an open air laser show.

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